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In 15 seconds you will be redirected to the start of our new WordPress site. We had to re-do everything because our galleries and blog were hacked by someone in Russia. I am in the process of restoring them all to newer versions with better security. This will not happen overnight so please be patient while I harvest all the images, set up new gallery and blog software, and load all the familiar images as well as new images from our trip to Norway. Maybe by Christmas, with the way I don't get to things these days. :-)
  • CLOSED FOR REPAIRS - Gallery of Grindstone Lakes, Oregon Fly Fishing and images from Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN
  • CLOSED FOR REPAIRS - Wisconsin Journal (or Notes from behind the cheddar curtain)
  • CLOSED FOR REPAIRS - Our Wisconsin Bird Watching Gallery of Images
  • CLOSED FOR REPAIRS - Wisconsin Flowers and Woodland Gallery
Stu and I have learned many things over the years, but some of the most important to us are:
  • The timing of the universe is perfect, even if we would prefer to hurry things.
  • You are in charge of your bootstraps and pulling yourself up by them.
  • Babba Ram Das was right.
  • Love is perpetual. You can love more than once and in a million different ways.
  • Life IS short. Don't wait for 'someday' to self-actualize.
  • One person can make a difference.
  • A job where you are not getting 'payed to play' is not worth having. Work at what you enjoy.
  • Only you can see how scared you are. Keep fooling them!
  • One good friend is better than a dozen acquaintances.
  • Education is a terrible thing to waste on the young.
  • You can't control how others treat you, you can only control yourself.
  • If it feels like you are pushing water up hill you are probably headed in the wrong direction. Relax and go with the flow.
  • Trust is like Humpty Dumpty once broken.
  • Old friends can always find a way to "conjure you up" when they need to.
Blessed Be!

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